About Us

Queenswood’s History

Queenswood High School operates as a private high school & Elementary School in Brampton and has been helping students achieve their academic goals since 2006. It is one of the best Ontario virtual high school

Queenswood High School has operated a Ministry inspected, licensed and approved high school focus on guiding students in academics and which help them obtain the Ontario High School credits. The achieved credit courses by students will be needed for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).


Vision of Private School

As private school, our founders’ vision was to provide an alternate school to students at an economical cost. Working with small groups of students, we have been successful in enabling them to meet the high expectations of admissions into the best universities and colleges. Our instructors strives to deliver the best to students. Therefore, we never diminish the opportunities for them. Moreover, preparatory classes are available for student if English is their second language. 


Enrollment Overview

We offer most of the required Ontario High School credits from Grade 9 to Grade 12, an English Language Program and university preparation and placement assistance. In addition to our broad range of courses we also offer an Adult Literacy course and a number of other short courses to help you along many career and life paths.


Benefits of Private School

We specialize in helping students get the university and college offers they seek. How do we do this? Our students have success in getting university offers because we provide the flexibility and choice they need. Students can choose to study part time or full time with us. With small, flexible classes and the focused assistance required to excel academically.