Queenswood High School  is a private high school in Ontario running since 2006.

At Queenswood High School we encourage all students to pursue excellence through lifelong learning in a safe and conducive environment. The main objective of Queenswood High School is to ensure that each student gets the maximum attention and opportunity to learn. Among the many goals and objectives that we strive to accomplish are:
• To provide a tradition of excellence in learning and personal growth. To develop a feeling of self-worth through accomplishments, discipline and respect for oneself and others.
• To encourage self-motivation so that students take a responsible role in their own education.
• To create a positive learning environment through shared responsibility of teachers, students and parents.
• To prepare students for the world of work by developing productivity, punctuality, and pride in work.

Our students are encouraged and fully supported to live up to their full potential as individuals and to become contributing, responsible members of society, who will think clearly, feel deeply, and act wisely.

We offer…

  • Students have the opportunity to demonstrate distinction in academics, leadership and fitness of mind, body, and spirit and an environment that retains cultural values!
  • A positive, safe nurturing climate that enhances learning by establishing and maintaining a high level of academic and behavior expectations.
  • High academic as well as behavioral standards; where Students respect each other, their parents and the community. It is a complete academic program for all children without discrimination of color, ethnic background, national origin, race, gender, or economic status, with particular emphasis to prepare for professional career.

Academic Information

Queenswood High School offers a wide range of academic courses from Grade 9 to 12 according to the guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Education. In our secondary school programs, our students are expected to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma and have the opportunity to gain honours and/or compete for the Governor General’s Award. The objective is to prepare students for university, college, other post-secondary education or the workplace.

We assist students in acquiring the academic skills, attitude, and behaviour necessary for a successful and happy high school experience. Higher levels emphasize the development of analytical and practical skills, and a mastery of a wide range of theoretical concepts.

The school will also participate in various seminars, presentations and tests conducted by many organizations and schools to ensure that the school’s academic performance is at the level of the best schools in the district.