We are a private school operating in Ontario since 2006, Ontario Ministry of Education BSID No. 882297. We are approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant credits leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). For our local/Canadian market, we cater to high school students only (Grades 9-12). However, for our international market, we expanded our license to cover both elementary (grades 1-8) and secondary (grades 9-12) applicants. We have also developed a pre-university prep program for our international applicants, in which we will conduct English as Second Language (ESL) and English Language Proficiency Preparation (IELTS or TOEFL or MELAB, etc).

All our international applications processed through our agents. A list of our approved agents along with contact information (address, phone, email) is provided.
The agent will provide the applicant and their parents/or guardians the application form. A copy of the passport needs to be also attached to the form. Our agent will then scan and send us the documents by email. On receipt of the documents, an invoice will be raised. This invoice is scanned and emailed back to the agent. The original invoice is mailed out to each applicant, by regular mail to ensure the integrity of the invoice. The invoice carries both the amount (Admission/PLAR fees of US$ 200.00, non-refundable) and the banking information. In case we have to arrange for a guardian (for visa application purposes only), there is an additional fees (US$100.00, non-refundable).

Important: All payments should be made to Queenswood High School only as per banking information given. Payments should not be more than the invoiced amount and include applicable banking charges.
Looking to confirm any information about your Letter of Acceptance or Invoice? Please email us on info@adamschool.net and our International Admissions Team will back to you within two working days. Please do not call or visit as it disrupts our normal operations.

Once you have received the invoice and made payment, please provide a copy of the wire transfer to the agent who will then email it to us. On receipt of the copy of wire transfer, we will confirm receipt of payment from our bank and subsequently, we will issue a Letter of Acceptance.

Important: Queenswood High School DOES NOT require any advance tuition fees prior to issue of student permit/visa. We DO NOT charge any medical insurance fees. We DO NOT charge hostel fees or any other fees.

This letter of acceptance is to be used to apply for a study permit. A copy of the checklist of documents required for applying is attached as a pdf document (document). For your convenience, we have also attached a fill able visa application form (document)

Disclaimer: Queenswood High School does not warrant/guarantee issue of Study-Permit/Student-visa. The issue of Study-Permit/Student- visa is the sole authority of the Visa Officer at the relevant Canadian Consulate/Embassy.

Please note that the letter of acceptance is only for the applicant to apply for a study permit. Parents and/or guardians CAN NOT use these documents to apply for a visa. For more details on any visa related matters, please contact the nearest Canadian Embassy/Consulate. or check the website of Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) estimates living costs in Canada (excluding Quebec) to be around CAD$15,000 per year, excluding tuition fees and study related expenses such as books, materials, etc.

Please refer to our FAQs page for your queries. All inquiries should by emailed to info@adamschool.net and will be answered in most cases, within two business days.
Due to a large volume of applications, we are not able to take phone calls or attend to visitors. Please only call or visit if your question is not listed on the page.

List of Approved Agents